Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Join the Wilshire mission by starting where you are, using what you have and doing what you can.


One hour a week could change someone’s life! These friendly visits help develop a mutually caring relationship. Volunteers are often the only connection our clients have, and the moments you’ll share will be mutually treasured.

Volunteer Position: Become a friend to a homebound or isolated older adult

Training: 2-hour training, held monthly

Hours: 1 hour per week

DOWNLOAD FORM Email form to kgrasso@wilshirehcs.org


Creative Mediation relies on the support of skilled volunteer mediators to provide access to justice and conflict resolution services. Volunteers mediate primarily Small Claims Court and community disputes. Our volunteer program offers the dual benefit of developing personal and professional communication skills while serving the community in a meaningful way.

Volunteer Position: Become a certified community mediator and help others navigate conflict

Training: 2-day Elements of Mediation Workshop, 6 Advanced Mediation Seminars, held twice a year

Hours: Flexible



Assist older adults with simple daily activities in order to support their safety and independence. Volunteers may choose from tasks such as: providing rides, grocery shopping, running errands, pet assistance, or home safety tasks (i.e. changing a light bulb).

Volunteer Position: Choose from a variety of daily activities that assist older adults

Training: 2-hour training, held monthly (or one-on-one by appointment)

Hours: No minimum commitment. One task a year keeps you active!

DOWNLOAD FORM Email form to kgrasso@wilshirehcs.org

Peer Counselor

Peer Counselors offer skilled listening and guidance to help older adults navigate the ups and downs of aging. Counselors are trained to provide quality services that have been shown to improve the quality of life of older adults.

Volunteer Position: Peer Counselor

Training: 2-day Senior Peer Counseling Workshop, 6 Advanced Seminars, and Clinical Oversight (Must be 55+)

Hours: 3 hours per week

DOWNLOAD FORM E-mail form to jkaplan@wilshirehcs.org