Senior Peer Counseling Program
In-home counseling to seniors age 60 and older

The Senior Peer Counseling Program trains volunteers over the age of 55 to provide in-home counseling to seniors age 60 and older. The program is designed for seniors who are at a crossroad in their lives and need a caring, non-judgmental person to talk to as they navigate the challenges of grief, loss, depression and other life changes. The main goal of the Senior Peer Counseling Program is to help seniors adjust to major life transitions, improve their quality of life, and whenever possible, maintain their independence. In addition to weekly counseling sessions, Senior Peer Counselors are also able to expand the support system for clients by connecting them with other available community resources. This one-of-a-kind program has been operating in San Luis Obispo County under various non-profit agencies since 1992. It became a member of the Wilshire Community Services in 2003.

For more information please call (805) 547-7025 Ext. 14 or visit our website


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